Every day, thousands of people search Skyscanner, hopeful of finding flights for their travels.

A small portion never find them. Why? There is an unsatisfied demand for global flight routes that do not yet exist, remaining unserved by any carrier.

At Skyscanner, we see the untapped commercial opportunity these routes present. 

Take a look at our map analysis below, where we plot the world's most in-demand unserved routes within each global region as well as inter-regionally.

Powered by our cutting-edge analytics platform Travel Insight, Skyscanner has the data capable of unearthing a wealth of market-demand opportunity for your business based on our 50 million visitors.

Where will your airline fly to next?


Top Searches on Unserved Routes Between Regions

Top Searches on Unserved Routes Within Regions


We're only just scratching the surface. Want to gain a full deep understanding of market opportunities, demand and traveller intention to maximise commercial opportunity for your aviation business? Our powerful Travel Insight tool is just the ticket. 



*All search data is based on global flight searches conducted on Skyscanner during H1 2016

*Routes presented are those for which a direct flight route did not exist as of H1 2016