Travel Insight version June 2016

Travel Insight is the most advanced travel data in the industry. The underlying data is traveller centric which enables to assess the actual demand and not only the traffic like other data sources.

What do people want? What are they interested in? How much are they willing to pay? Where do they start there journey before reaching the airport? The data in the dashboard gives an answer to all those questions.

  • All searches and exits, to and from Mexico, the Philippines, Austria and South Africa
  • Travel dates after April 1st, 2016 (including travel dates in the future)
  • The data is aggregated and sampled.
  • The top bar contains filters that will change the view on the data.
  • Country codes are 2 letter ISO codes.
  • Airport codes are 3 letter IATA codes.
  • Clicking on an O&D, airline or passenger segment will filter for that particular O&D, Airline or passenger segment
  • All unit prices are in USD converted at the time of the search.
  • Min sample size is the minimum size of sample to be considered (e.g. airlines with less than x exits on an O&D should not be considered)
  • Distance is the great circle distance between origin and destination, doesn’t account for the flight path or the detour factor because of a stopover.
  • Business traffic is identified as travelling in Premium Economy, Business or First; or travelling between Monday and Friday and booking a unique seat. Travelers on a one way tickets cannot be classified and are kept separate
  • The version of the dashboard is June 2016