Travel Insight demo October 2016

Travel Insight enables better understanding of the travellers; what they are looking for and what their preferences are.

In this demo of the marketing dashboard, you can have access to the behaviour of online users travelling to and from Cambodia. You can see where they are, where they fly from, what airline they fly with, how long in advance they book and more. In addition, you can have access to the market share of each airline, by city and segmentation which will enable better targeting of your communication.

  • All searches and exits, to and from Cambodia
  • Travel dates from January 1st 2016 (including travel dates in the future)
  • The data is aggregated and sampled
  • The top bar contains filters that will change the view on the data
  • Country codes are 2 letter ISO codes
  • Airport codes are 3 letter IATA codes
  • Clicking on an O&D, airline or passenger segment will filter for that particular O&D, Airline or passenger segment
  • All unit prices are in USD converted at the time of the search
  • Distance is the great circle distance between origin and destination, doesn’t account for the flight path or the detour factor because of a stopover
  • The version of the dashboard is October 2016