1. Sign up for a Skyscanner account 

 Go to our sign up page and create an account.  If you already have an account you just need to log in.

There, you now have access to your dashboard. From here you can create and configure your apps.

2. Create an app

Click Add App under Travel APIs.

Give your app a name and click save.

Once created copy the API key.

3. Using the API to retrieve flight prices


Browse Routes

Use Browse Routes to retrieve a list of destinations and prices. You can use 'anywhere' to get a list of countries, or you can specify a country or a city (using its Skyscanner code e.g. CDG for Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport or LOND for London).



Browse Dates

Use Browse Dates to retrieve the cheapest prices to your selected destination (city or airport) for a given month (e.g. 2017-12) or for the next 12 months (anytime). 


If you want the response to be formatted in a way that is easy to display as a calendar you can use Browse Grid.



Browse Quotes

Use Browse Quotes if you don't need the Routes or Dates built for you and just need the individual quotes.



4. Link to Skyscanner


If you would like to redirect your users to Skyscanner to purchase their flight, you can create links with our Referral Links service

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