With real time data on price differentials and market ranking based on Skyscanner’s 50 million worldwide unique user queries per month, you can see at a glance how competitive your current routes and online pricing policies are. You’ll know immediately what changes to make in order to win more click-throughs from people who are ready to buy.

Travel Rankings data is available via a direct API feed to your analytics department or as a fully built interface.

Travel Rankings Advantages

Understand at a glance your performance on any given route, market or region based on your price and content

Understand on aggregate how competitive you are within your market

Effectively manage GDS targets and ascertain where you can increase your margin

See price differences at a glance so you can beat the cheapest price or ensure you are charging enough

Shape your strategy in real time using our push model API

Shape pricing/inventory strategies according to market conditions and boost traffic for “must win” routes based on our comprehensive search data

Powerfully competitive trend mapping & competitor rate monitoring to get a holistic market view and forecast demand

Dive deeply into key routes to identify travel dates and itineraries you can optimise

Travel Rankings

All single ticket itineraries for the search

Outbound and inbound times for each itinerary

The number of quotes for each itinerary

The price ranking for the customer agent

The age of the ranked quote

The carrier for each itinerary

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