Skyscanner for Business Guides: Know How to Boost Your Traffic with Google Analytics

Any website or app needs to fully understand their traffic, where it's coming from, and how to optimize it in order to succeed. The stand-out platform and arguably the most powerful for understanding your traffic profile is Google Analytics.

It’s tempting jump right into Google Analytics without having a clear strategy or set of
goals in place. Businesses do it all the time, naively poring over data while slipping
farther and farther into the minutiae like Hansel and Gretel chasing data points deep into
the forest. Google Analytics derives invaluable data when we know what it means and
how to measure it. Here’s a primer, selected from several respected sources, about how
best to make the Google Analytics tools work for your business:

Still need some more advice? Here's a section of great go-to's for GA that will have you expertly analyzing in no time:

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