Robotic travel search: Meekan offers Slack and HipChat users a new way to find flights through Skyscanner’s API

Scheduling engine, Meekan, has partnered with Skyscanner for Business to offer Slack and HipChat users a conversational flight search tool.

Meekan has developed an innovative platform which offers a robot scheduling service which businesses can use in conjunction with their company Slack and HipChat channels.

Meekan's robot assistant AI, is a downloadable plug-in platform available to help business with scheduling and information retrieval. It’s currently used by a multitude of leading companies, including Disney and Adobe. Users are able to ask Meekan to arrange meetings, reschedule, solve conflicts, or just check what the rest of the day looks like.

Flight search, powered by Skyscanner, is the latest addition to the Meekan bot’s capabilities, allowing users to quickly and easily search for flights, all within the Slack or HipChat environment.

Meekan’s integration of Skyscanner’s Flights API allows users receive the best results in seconds without leaving their Slack or HipChat conversation, with the ability to select the cheapest flight (or the shortest, or earliest arriving), and click to book it, or further fine-tune their search, for example…

Watch the video to see Meekan's bot find flights from SFO to Los Angeles next Tuesday...

Currently configured to basic flight searches, in the future the Meekan Robot will evolve to allow much more sophisticated tasks - proactively search for cheap flight to match future events in users calendars, offer unexpected deals to user’s favourite destinations, and learning about users’ flights, seats and carrier preferences and consider them when ranking search results – all powered through Skyscanner’s extensive coverage!