Skyscanner for Business Guides: 6 Expert SEM Tips to Success for Start-ups

SEM is an essential way to drive traffic to your site and something which all businesses and start-ups should think about as part of your growth plan.

It used to be, that getting the most out of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) meant purchasing as
many key words as possible to produce the largest Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
yield. But SEM has evolved, and today requires a thorough business plan that fits your
company’s specific needs.

Search still makes it possible to target buyers in “Hunt Mode,” according to’s
Kevin Lee in his recent “Introduction to Search Engine Marketing.” According to Lee,
these hunters “desire relevant information and are open to digesting and acting on the
information at their fingertips.”

In the travel industry, this relevant information leads to quick action. We’ve put together some great information to help launch your best SEM plan - so check out our 6-point SEM plan of attack below!

Need a bit more of a steer? Why not check out some of the following great SEM resources:


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